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Self Guided Hypnotherapy

What if there was a way to program your mind so you could stop smoking, or eat more healthy ? What if you could find permanent happiness simply by purposefully reprogramming your subconscious mind ? Is it possible to use self guided hypnotherapy to reprogram your brain to think differently ? 

Our minds are our greatest asset - or can be our biggest problem. Everything we do is the result of what our brain tells us - and for most people their lives are a constant tug of war between their conscious and subconscious thoughts.   

How many times have you wondered why you did something despite consciously knowing you didn't want to do it? Smoking, overeating, underachieving, anger, depression - no one forces us to suffer from these serious issues. No one makes the decision for us to eat that tub of ice cream or act out in rage over a small thing a neighbour or friend did. It all comes from how our mind interprets its current surrounding and how it tells us to behave.   

For example, researchers have long known that poor eating habits had little to do in most cases with actual feelings of hunger. Instead people for a wide variety of deeply embedded psychological reasons - stress being one of the most common - eat to soothe deep emotions in their subconscious mind - and thus the term comfort food.

The premise behind self guided hypnosis is that it is possible through suggestive techniques to change how the subconscious mind manifests itself in conscious thought. The debate on whether or not hypnosis actually works dates back to the time of the Egyptians and continues today. As with many alternative therapies, medical science struggles to quantify the actual success rate in hypnotherapy treatment.   

As researchers strive to understand how the human mind works, the psychiatric community is learning more and more about the power of hypnosis and the two layers of the human mind. The subconscious mind is a complicated series of memories, emotions and beliefs - and plays a key role in how a person’s personality develops. The key to self guided hypnosis is to reprogram those elements in a matter that you consciously choose. For example - if you want to feel a more permanent sense of happiness - it is quite possible to reprogram your subconscious mind to focus on happiness - after all - what is happiness and where does it come from if not from the mind of the person who either feels happy or unhappy ?  

How Self Guided Hypnotherapy Works… 

Self Guided hypnotherapy in most cases involves the use of recorded sound tracks listened to through headphones. Typically there are three stages of the hypnotic process. The first stage is to relax the body through controlled breathing and a conscious effort to relax the muscles which in turn allows the brain to slow its thought processing allowing it to be open to suggestion.   

The second stage is to use autosuggestion to program both the conscious and subconscious mind. This can be achieved through methodical speech, using carefully prepared scripts and emphasis on certain words in the recorded therapy session. It is in this stage where hypnosis gets it’s biggest challenge from those that don’t understand it - but there is nothing mystical or magical about hypnosis or self guided hypnotherapy - it is the simple science of programming the brain to think a certain way.   

The final stage is most often called the “Return Stage “ where the patient is brought back from the state of relaxation ( called a trance ) to the conscious alert world.  

Research has shown that there is no negative side effects from hypnotherapy - the worst that can happen is no results are achieved at all.  

Autohypnosis: Starting Out with the Basics

The world is full of stimulators. It can simply trigger your emotions by a hair trigger. In addition, the personality that individuals developed over the years makes it more difficult. It made each individual more irritable compared to those who lived before. Therefore, they are easily angered by the most petty of things. 

Some professionals find it disturbing to find oneself in such situations. That is why most are adamant in looking for methods that can help in easing these emotions. One of the many and frequently used method is autohypnosis. This technique will serve very irritable individuals. 

Autohypnosis, in a nutshell, is the capability to hypnotize oneself. It is a technique that has been used in order to calm oneself. At times, it is a good self help strategy that can help you calm your thoughts and think clearly. Therefore, it has become necessary for the modern man. 

The method of autohypnosis is not as easy as you might think. There are times when it could be such as counting in reverse from 10. However, that is not always the case. There are more advanced methods, especially when the first one does not work out as well. 

One of the more common techniques for autohypnosis is the Autohypnosis script. These are words or a phrase that is repeated during the session. It is used in different means. It can either be used verbally or listened to while the session is underway. 

Another technique of autohypnosis is auto questioning. These are a series of questions that you ask yourself. Commonly used when there have been acts that you are currently regretting. It is a way of bringing out the deeper meaning to the problem that you are currently facing. In addition, it is also used to change current behaviors. One variation is the ideomotor questioning. It is the set that evaluates the changes applied. 

Both of these can be easily done by yourself, even without a professional guiding you. However, at a glance, these techniques may be easy. It may not be as easy as it sounds. In order to use these in autohypnosis more effectively, you need to know the fundamentals. Knowing the basics is very important such methods need structure. It also helps in creating a proper mind set. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the fundamentals of the technique. 

The two frequently visited resources are the books and the internet. The internet provides you with the quickest search that you can imagine. One click or with the help of a search engine, you will immediately have multiple search results. At times, these may even come from well established professionals in the field. However, you just need to remember that if you have difficulty using broad keywords, use the specific ones. 

On the other hand, autohypnosis books might still come handy in spite of the modern access to information. Most information, including those for autohypnosis, is still found in books. Not everything is in the internet, as most would expect. 

Whether it is about autohypnosis or not, the fundamentals will always be important. Knowing the technique and its basics is the key for effective self-help hypnosis. 


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